Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've got my man who could ask for anything more!

I have an interview for an internship with the marketing department of Gardner Village today. It’s the first time I could actually have a job where my schooling is actually important to my success. Frankly, the idea of having a real job is pretty intimidating. I’m confident in my abilities to perform to the standard I will be held, I’m just amazed that I’m at this stage of my life and that I actually am “good enough” to be considered competitive for such a position. This “amazement” resulted in a bit of a break down last night. I’ve gathered and compiled my portfolio, my hair looks good, I’m wearing this fantastic green sweater, and I feel quite ready to show my stuff. This little bit of insecurity was still tugging at the back of my mind. I opened my phone to text Cameron when a girl with these balloons, a snickers bar, and some junior mints comes through the door. “These are for Kristin.” ☺

I have the coolest husband in the world.


Love you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hear the secrets that you keep....

Cameron obliterated any doubt in my mind that he belongs in our family last night. The Frost/McGuire family often has weird sleeping behaviors. Some examples include Lindsay flipping around in the middle of the night so her feet end up on her pillow (This absolutely freaked Mackay out the first time it happened. Lol), a previous post of mine describes me waking up and getting out of bed, grabbing my pillow and blanket, and being really angry with having to sleep on the couch but not knowing exactly why it was that I HAD to be there. Bethi Goodman (my cousin) posted a pretty darn hilarious sleeping experience. Her blog’s over there→

Either way, last night at about 5:30am, I woke up to Cameron reciting scripture in his sleep. It went on non-stop for about 2 minutes. He was practically shouting it. I listened for as long as I could before bursting out laughing. I woke the poor kid up. He asked me what was so funny and I told him what he had been doing. Pretty defiantly he stated, “No, it wasn’t scripture. I was reciting Julius Caesar. I was reading it with Kiara and Mema.” At this point I really couldn’t breathe and had to ask him if he was even really awake. Lol. O my husband.