Monday, March 30, 2009

Just FYI

My parents are finally on the blogging network! YAY.
McGuire Family Blog

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Start of Something Big

I've made a new goal.
I'm going to keep up with the scrapbooking and print out a book as an anniversary present to myself every year. This year's gonna be a doozy as it includes the wedding, (bridals, engagements, receptions, etc.) the honeymoon, and the rest of our crazy lives! but so far things are going well. :) Plus, I hate flipping through pictures on a computer and feel a huge rush when I create something I'm satisfied with. :)

Page 1 of the wedding.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love is Remembering

Cameron knew I was giving him his valentine’s day on the 13th because I didn’t want to cramp his plans, so he brought me flowers on the 13th too and totally surprised me! Not only did he surprise me, but he came home with Gerber daisies and roses just like when he proposed to me. The next day, he told me to be ready by 4:30. When he came home, he blindfolded me (just like when we got engaged) and put me in the car. We drove for about an hour. Once we stopped, he got me out of the car, took of my blindfold and kissed me. We were at the Jordan River Temple to do sealings. I had mentioned while we were engaged that if our families weren’t all in Arizona, I would have loved to have been married in the Jordan River temple. Cameron is so sweet! He does little things for me all the time that just show me he listens to what I say, that it is important to him, and that he remembers it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Cameron and I have recently fallen in love with the card game NERTS. I’ve played for years and years with my family. Apparently so has he. I’ve never lost in my family and most of the time could play by myself against both my parents on a team and win. The funny thing is, Cameron’s never been very good at it, until now. The first time we played one on one, Cameron whooped me 4 times in a row! I was so shocked I had to call my mom and tell her about it! I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. All my mom said was “Bless that Man!” I’ve since woken up to the fact that when only 2 people are playing, it’s not about who’s faster, but more of who’s more aware of what’s going on. Cameron really kills me most of the time. It’s infuriating! Couples in our ward have invited us over to play and we’re pretty darn good as a team. :) We’ve made some awesome friends named Brady and Danielle Sanders. They are total NERTS fans too, so our Sunday afternoons consist of good food, good friends, and good competition. I love beating Cameron, almost as much as he loves beating me. It’s hilarious because you get so frustrated but can’t help but laugh at how proud we both get. Most of the time we play until our brains beg us to stop. Upon discovering each others’ infatuation with the card game, we’ve played in various locations, including restaurants while waiting for our food, the city park, and the kitchen floor. We’re absolutely addicted.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Married A Jedi Episode 3

For our first Valentine’s Day, I decided to skip the pink and red altogether. Since I’ve never seen Star Wars, I decided to throw Cameron a Star Wars party instead. I made Yoda Soda, Wookie Cookies, and chocolate dipped light sabers. I decorated with glow in the dark stars and an awesome Star Wars poster. I let him pick his favorite episode, which we would watch while wearing our Wookie Pants Jessica made us for Christmas this year. I even promised him I wouldn’t kiss him during the entire movie. It made for a very happy hubby!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Emilee and Kiara took me snowboarding last weekend. I've never been before but I've wanted to learn for a really long time. I'm proud to say I only biffed it off the lift once all day :) and learned how to carve. Not bad for a first timer. It was a blast to have just us girls for a while. I don't think I've had more than 5 hours without Cameron since we got married. I was very ready to see him after we got off the mountain! I should have taken pictures of my battle scars, but I ended up with 2 black knees, a bruised hand, and a tailbone that I wanted to cut out of my body. I've since forgotten exactly how bad it hurt, though, and can't wait to go again! I look pretty awkward when I'm boarding, though, and I don't know that my pride can take Cam seeing me. :) I'm sure I'll get over it. Thanks for a fantastic day, girls!