Friday, March 6, 2009


Emilee and Kiara took me snowboarding last weekend. I've never been before but I've wanted to learn for a really long time. I'm proud to say I only biffed it off the lift once all day :) and learned how to carve. Not bad for a first timer. It was a blast to have just us girls for a while. I don't think I've had more than 5 hours without Cameron since we got married. I was very ready to see him after we got off the mountain! I should have taken pictures of my battle scars, but I ended up with 2 black knees, a bruised hand, and a tailbone that I wanted to cut out of my body. I've since forgotten exactly how bad it hurt, though, and can't wait to go again! I look pretty awkward when I'm boarding, though, and I don't know that my pride can take Cam seeing me. :) I'm sure I'll get over it. Thanks for a fantastic day, girls!


  1. SO fun!! Where did you go at?

  2. hey, i want the pics! i am waiting to post about it cus i need them...
    i had a blast and i hope i can do it again this year. we were glad you were able to come and that you lived...kind of...

  3. That looks like a blast. But...I need you to get me hooked up on digital scrapbooking. Teach sensei.