Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bring the Heat!

Things I've been meaning to blog about but haven't. :)
1. We hiked the Y at dusk the day we both finished finals and watched an episode of Lost at the top. It really doesn't get much better than that.

2. I started my internship at Gardner Village. It's freaking fantastic. My first day I was supposed to get to know the shops a little bit better, so I spent 3 hours shopping in the cutest shops ever. My family came up and my mom and I got some unrushed time up at the Village. It was a BLAST. My mom and I really are the best of friends and we don't get to see each other near often enough. [love you!]

3. My mom [funded by my dad] surprised me with a sewing machine! I've had my mom's serger for the past month to piece together this quilt I've had cut and couldn't thread the stupid thing without bursting into tears. I needed something with ONE spool of thread and ONE needle. Cameron patiently tried to fix the serger mid-meltdown, but I put the cover over it, unplugged it, and set it on the floor. The new machine was very well received. I've started piecing my quilt. Here's block #1. :)

4. Cameron has had an extremely eventful week with job interviews. He applied for a doctor's assistant position at a local chiropractor [yay!] and had his second interview today. [The first interview consisted of surveying 10 random people he found at the mall. He was the first applicant to return with the 10 surveys completed. woot!] We find out tomorrow what the verdict is. He's brilliant. :) I love it.

5. I'm on puzzle set 37 of 100 in my Sudoku book. :)

6. We're officially caught up on lost.

7. We recently brought the keyboard out of storage and into the apartment. Not that there's room for it [it's currently blocking the sliding glass door...] but Cameron plays beautifully, and it makes me wonder why we ever put it in storage in the first place.

8. We finished decorating our apartment last weekend [pictures are coming!] and decided we absolutely cannot put another picture of ourselves on the wall. Heavens. It's overwhelming, and after a while, we're just really not that good looking.

9. Spring term classes started today!

10. Cam's playing the keyboard in his G's. guess it's time for bed. lol. :)


  1. we love lost! i can't wait for tomorrow night's episode since last week was not new!

  2. Hey cuz, so I saw your mom the other day at Graduation and she filled me in on the internship. Garnder Village is just down the street from my house! And seeing as I have four days off every week, I have a lot of free time for lunch, shopping, etc. So what does that mean for you and me? We need to do lunch sometime in the near future! Email me, call me, text me, whatever works! I am excited for you! :)

  3. good update. we had tons of fun with you guys! i am sorry i am so ornery and tired and lazy! love ya!

  4. I'm so impressed with your sewing abilities.. It really is a compliment to you that you can just be good at a new talent.. <3

  5. Oh, I love your quilt square! Way to go! What a great mom! Also, I LOVE Gardner VIllage...I can seriously drop a bomb of mula at that place...how fun to work there!

  6. I loove lost! We should start having lost parties! haha By the way did you get your hair styling all figured out:) i never heard back if it all worked out.:)

  7. Super fun to get a sewing machine! I am so wanting one. I guess I should prove I can do it before we invest in that though. And come to think of it, I don't even have time to scrub my toilets half the time, so why would I suddenly have time to sew? Nevermind. I'll put it my list of things to do when all my kids are in school. This list is growing daily. Uh oh.

  8. thanks for the comment! you are really getting quite good at graphic design. Yeah i figured out how to follow yours-mine is hard it's all the way at the bottom

    here's the link to the thirsty postcards :)