Monday, May 4, 2009

....our little family is growing!

So. Me and Cameron went down to Arizona this weekend for my best friend Vanessa's wedding [congratulations!] and managed to get back up to Utah without squealing our news to everybody we saw while we were there.


Our family of 2 just turned into 3!

He's really really little right now, but we think he's cute as ever!

We picked him up on the side of the road on Mesa Dr. and Southern. He was the only one in the bunch who was swimming around like mad, so we both picked him [no one wants a boring turtle!] Plus, he was the prettiest green color. :)

Naming him was a whole new story...

The options were Bredder [ha!], Troy, Zach, Zac, Zak, Zack, [noticing a trend?], Max, Pig, Quattro, etc.

We finally settled on "Pato" named after our favorite hot sauce. Honestly, a can of it goes in just about every dinner we have.

When we bought him, he was living in a little plastic cup. We quickly drove to Wal-Mart and purchased a lovely big glass bowl, cute pebbles for the bottom, and a bridge for him to hide/sleep under. We also educated ourselves on the various options for turtle health care and food.

The biggest challenge was driving the 10 hours home from AZ. I tucked him nice and snug in between the driver and passenger seats. He was quite comfy too until Cameron slammed on the breaks and turtle water went everywhere, haha! [Cam was soaked, so was the ipod, but they both pulled through!]

Now our little Pato is swimming happily in his own little square of our entertainment center.

o. we love him. :)


  1. Oh, my kids would LOVE to have him! Have fun.

  2. I was waiting to hear you were pregnant!!! haha your turtle is cute too though:)

  3. Lol.. Kristin you are hilarious. I read the first little bit and told Dave you were pregnant before a read the rest. Needless to say he laughed at me when I told him I was wrong. Lol... ;)

  4. you brought a turtle to nessa's wedding?! I'm so happy for her!! and you!! and us!!!

  5. that was not even funny! you totally got me! i was all stoked for cousins and now i am depressed! but i guess we will take a turtle if nothing else. bring him up friday, the girls would love to babysit him!

  6. That is just too cute!!! I love your new pic by the way! You look smokin!!!

  7. Congratulations on El Pato! I never thought you were a reptile person...and you're scrapbooking said turtle. Do you remember my pet Calvin..species undetermined?

  8. So cute. I think I could handle a turtle as a pet. It doesn't shed. It doesn't poop on the carpet. And it IS a cute color of green.

  9. Ooo...that is a pretty turtle. And congrats on the chiropractic job; that is great!

  10. great story telling skills...glad you have an addition to the fam.