Thursday, August 27, 2009

Au Naturale Challenge Day 2: The Little Things

Welcome to day 2 my beautiful girls! Today, I'm challenging you [and myself!] to do one act of selfless service. It doesn't have to be anything big.
  • Write a note to your husband/sister/friend/roommate/etc.
  • Call your mom! 
  • Give something to the man on the street.
  • Take that load of stuff to the Salvation Army/Deseret Industries
  • Call a friend and offer to take her kid home from school.
  • Drop everything and kiss your man senseless when he walks through the door. [most likely sparking "ewww"s from the kids, but totally worth it! and how great do you think he feels when he knows he's your #1, and you've been so excited to see him all day?]
  • Smile at somebody you don't know!
  • Pay for the person behind you at Starbucks.
Really, just take a minute and forget yourself to focus completely on someone else & then come and tell us what you did! 

I'll go first: I bought a jar of hot pickled okra for my husband. He raves about it all the time, and it just grosses me out-so he hasn't had any since we got married. He's thrilled. :)

There's no easier way to boost your mood than through realistic service. You don't have to go and save the world every day. Just make one other person's day and it will change yours for the better.

I can't wait to hear from you!

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  1. Today I finished a quilt, with matching jammies for a friend of mine who's had a really rough year.. She just needs some extra lovin' :)

    p.s. I didn't even curl my hair today <3

  2. Too many rainy days in a row and my daughter was just about at her wits end with her little boy. I set up a fun tent using the dining room table and 4 chairs. He has happily been playing in it for the past two days. It has become like camping out and sometimes he eats his meals in there too. Today the sun is shining but the tent is staying up for a bit more time. :)

  3. I delivered homemade rocky road candy to the nurses' station @ the nursing home

  4. Comment from CM Silly on Digishoptalk

    Great idea on your blog and I'm inspired. How do I reach you,because there was no email on your blog. I guess I just post results from your challenge here?
    Well, I wrote an email to people this week. I just reached out to them both and what I found was they I was not lead to these people by chance. It turned out to be a misson of the Lord. I actually had done this ,before looking in here and discovering your challenge and or blog,but since I did it earlier this week,I thought it would still apply. I had no idea how much these two people needed a friendly ear and someone to pray with. They were both going through two totally different challenges,but both challenges are totally over whelming. I can't wait to see what lessons God has for me through supporting these two ladies. We never come out empty handed when we reach out to someone in the love of Our Lord. I hope you feel rewarded when you get to read all of the stories that come in ,because of this challenge.

    The au naturel challenge... if I looked like you I would be happy to go au naturel.
    I don't,but I was cute before I was in a terrible accident 10 yrs ago that left me someone who suffers with chronic pain. Over the years with all of the pain meds and pain patches,my thyroid stopped working and I went from a 140 which was a good weight for me (thin) up to 190+ lbs. which is NOT a good weight for me. I am really over weight now and the pain and spinal injuries keep me from excercise and moving around like I would love to do. When I look in the mirror ,I am really disappointed in myself and I don't like what I see now at 40. I long for the days when I was kind of pretty and much thinner and when I saw me when I looked in the mirror. I don't recognize the person in the mirror, it's just not me anymore. But even through this and all I have been through,I know that there are lessons and things God wants to show me. So, I think I'll leave the make up on.lololol It helps me feel a little,but not much,better. lol

  5. I stopped by my Grandmother's house to visit her even though we all were really tired after being out all day. But she hadn't seen us in almost two months and lives by herself. I could tell she was extremely excited to see her great grandkids and really made her day!